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Travis Schultz & Ben Portet

Dominique Portet Cabernet

With all that’s going on in the world at the moment, it would be easy to throw away the rose-coloured glasses and ruminate over the headwinds now facing the Australian wine industry. Quite apart from a lingering spat with our once largest export market, bushfires, and more recently, droughts, the wine industry is now also…
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Reid Bosward and Travis Schultz

Kaesler Avignon

Maybe it’s human nature, or just the Aussie way, but we seem to be a bunch who like to seek the “good oil” in our quest for the proverbial holy grail.  Whether it’s investing in the shares our stockbrokers are buying, following the lead of the racehorse trainer having a bet on their pick of the…
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What do winemaking and charity have in common?

Let’s begin with passion, purpose, shared wisdom, mateship, love, fulfilment, enjoyment, and a sense of giving back.  This Friday, 20 May, the 2022 Winemakers Master Class is bringing to life all those experiences as four leading Australian winemakers showcase their winemaking expertise for the benefit of Sunshine Coast SunnyKids. Ten years ago, given my passion…
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Wolf Blass Makers Project Pink Pinot Grigio

Does pinot gris need to be clear?

Maybe it’s just me, but I find that pinot gris is one of those varietals that in a blind tasting or wine options game is harder to pick than a broken nose!  Unlike riesling and semillon, there just aren’t the abundant tell-tale markers that reveal its identity. To add to the pinot gris confusion, you then have…
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Champagne Deutz

Champagne’s up and downs

Like all primary producers, those in the wine industry have their ups and downs from year to year and season to season. There are so many “uncontrollables”; drought, frost, flood and pest infestation being just a few of the more common ones.  Not even the most successful and high profile regions are immune from misfortune…
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Longview Vineyards with Travis Schultz

Award-winning Longview Vineyard

Italian varietals are on the ascendency in Australian vineyards, and for good reason. Our climate is largely well-suited and our forward thinking and progressive winemakers are proving that they can make Italian native styles as successfully as their counterparts in the country that is famously shaped like a boot. In recent years, Italian varietals have…
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Leeuwin Estate Chardonnay

Australia’s Best Value Chardonnay

The chardonnay grape is undeniably Australia’s most important white wine varietal. According to the 2020 Wine Australia report, it’s the second most widely planted grape (after shiraz) and the most widely grown. With 285,000 tonnes crushed, it accounts for some 19% of the total crop in Australia and (at least in my opinion) remains the…
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People celebrating with wine

Is wine better out of a bottle or a cask? The answer might surprise you!

Call it a goonsack, spacebag, bogan briefcase or plonk pillow, the humble wine cask is a uniquely Australian contraption that revolutionised large format wine sales through the 1970’s and to this day, remains as Aussie as vegemite on your toast or lamb cutlets on your barbie. Since the design was first patented by Australian Winemaker,…
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Howard Park Wines

Home-grown bubbles are worth the pop!

With over 8,500,000 bottles imported in 2020 – an annual increase of 11.2%, it seems that Champagne has never been so popular amongst Australian sparkling wine consumers, at least for now. Like so many other industries, pandemic-related supply chain issues and increased demand have left many retailers having to impose sales limits of many favourite…
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To ice or not to ice – is NEVER the question

Like fingernails on a blackboard or a knife scrapping a dinner plate, the sight and sound of ice cubes being plonked into a glass of red wine is an irritating insult to my senses.  My older sister does it; frequently. It drives me nuts. And to think, my siblings have the gall to suggest that I’m…
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